Friday, May 1, 2009

My Last 100 Days

Not to be outdone by the President, I too can report on my last 100 days. Not that I have a fancy title, or office for that matter, but I do have an important job: to take care of this achey, breaky bod which has seen more than its fair share of health problems in the last 21 years. As I previously mentioned, if this were a paying job, I would be earning an impressive $105,120.00 USD per year.

Here are some of the highlights of my last 100 days:

  • Allowed my dog Brunswick to convince me that he needed doggie companionship and adopted Theodor, a stray brown terrier mix puppy, in need of a good, loving home.
  • With the help of my hubby, enrolled and attended Puppy Training at Petsmart with Theodor. (Graduation is May 6th!)
  • Endured a 90 minute MRI to learn that I have Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, a compression of the nerves and blood vessels between the clavicle and first rib which causes chronic pain and headaches.
  • Spoke up when the physical therapist I was initially assigned to was hurting more then helping and got reassigned to a physical therapist who helps more than hurts me.
  • Tried to attend an 8 session physical therapy seminar on pain management. Although it was too much for me, I am glad that I tried and thankful that the instructor saw me struggling, suggested I stop coming and refunded my money.
  • Survived my first Winter in a very long time without getting seriously ill from a cold or flu due to a treatment initiated a year ago to help me get more deep sleep. The down side is that this medication is negatively affecting my blood sugar and weight.
  • Reconnected with one of my best friends from high school via Classmates.com and Facebook. :-)
  • Got the income taxes completed with copious amounts of help from TurboTax.
  • Read the entire Twilight saga in two weeks.
  • Turned the dial down on my spending habits to LESS.
  • Put my foot down and insisted that my medical providers start billing Medicare because it will reimburse the co-pay from my PPO insurance.
  • Started thinking about more ways we can conserve energy and water at home, like a solar power system on the roof and drought tolerant landscaping in the garden. Got some good ideas at the Mar Vista Green Garden Showcase event.
  • Started planning and ordering seeds for my summer vegetable container garden.
  • Learned to play Caribbean Stud, Texas Hold'em and 3 Card Poker, thanks to my hubby, the dealer and home casino enthusiast.
  • Rediscovered the joys of my Tassimo machine.
  • Started making distilled water at home with my Waterwise Countertop Distiller. A home distiller means no more plastic water bottles to recycle and no more heavy bottle of water to lug home from the store.
  • Contemplated what it means to "Enjoy my pain." and "Love my body."

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Renee said...

I like your Last 100 days idea!

Unknown said...

Okay, as a partial judge, I have acknowledged that not everyone reading the two blogs know about your sons.. Now that you have established this fact, I am looking forward to more creative and interesting blogs. I know I'll hear about that last sentence.

What can I say...I married a professor so my standards are higher. If you want to keep my attention, you'll have to raise the bar.

Although, you have captured my interest, I will keep checking....I like this friendly competition between you and Cynthia. I think she'll really make you work. Not like you need a challenge....but, hopefully, this will make it able for you to focus on something else.

Let the games begin. :)