Friday, May 15, 2009

Fulfillment Friday

It's Friday, May 15th and time for another edition of Fulfillment Friday!

Note to self:
I found myself at a loss for achievements as I sat down to write this post and realized that I need to keep notes during the week to make this particular post a success. Fortunately for me, Blogger has a feature where you can post-date an entry and/or save an entry as a draft, so this following week I am going to try writing notes in Blogger to see if this helps.

I also need to make some Post-It notes that say "Fulfillment Friday" and post them in prominent locations at home. That way I keep in mind trying to accomplish things all week, not just scurrying around on Friday to get a bunch of things done so I have something to put in a blog post! I guess a "To Do" list would be an option too, just that "To Do" lists aren't very functional for me right now. I need to give some thought to what would work...

This week I accomplished:
  • seven days of blog entries in the blog-a-day in the month of May competition with my friend and fellow blogger Cyndie of A Writer's Crazy Journey
  • six special blog entries for National Fibromyalgia Awareness Day on Tuesday, May 12
  • went shopping with Robert at the pet store for supplies for the cats and dogs
  • ordered the Paw Plunger petite for the pups --- no more paw wipes, no more paw wipe trash!
  • set up Subscribe & Save subscriptions for the dogs' favorite Dogswell treats at Amazon.com --- free shipping, incredible low price and no sales tax
  • decided to keep feeding the dogs and cats Orijen premium kibble from Canada thanks to great information from The Dog Food Project website
  • planted the Thompson & Morgan tomato and gooseberry seeds in the seed starting containers
  • rescheduled my neurologist appointment so that I can have a transcranial doppler test done at the same time---all part of the thoracic outlet syndrome (tos) workup (next week Wednesday)
  • schedule an appointment with the ENT for Monday to get to the bottom of these lingering cold/flu/infection symptoms in my head
  • Learned how to use MobiPocket Creator to load PDF files to my Kindle, like the draft of Midnight Sun from Twilight author Stephenie Meyer's website

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