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Good Reads: Seven Posts to Savor

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I admit that I have a weakness for memes, the quintessential blog writing prompt. So when I saw a tweet yesterday from the Problogger about completing this exercise, well I was all over it. So in this edition of Good Reads, I'm doing a bit of shameless self-promotion and showcasing some of my own blogs posts so you can get to know me better...

1) My first post

I started blogging at the now defunct AOL Journals and migrated my blog from there to Blogger in October 2008. I recently reprinted my first post from AOL journals dated January 2, 2006 here. But I should also highlight My Last 100 Days, the first post from my blog-a-day in the month of May challenge that I accepted back in 2009 from my good friend Cyndie. That challenge got me on the road to consistently blogging and made me into the blogger I am today. Thanks again Cyndie!

2) A post you enjoyed writing the most &
3) A post which had a great

I really had a lot of fun writing the post My Dream Job and it caused quite a stir. Seems readers actually thought I was writing about a real life temp agency for people with disabilities! The beginning of the post was a pure work of fiction, but I think it highlighted the real need for employment opportunities for persons with disabilities. I want to thank the folks over at Bloggers Unite for inspiring me to write this post for Empowering People with Disabilities Day.

(Addendum: I was invited by the National Disability Institute to use the post My Dream Job create a video and submit it to their American Dream Contest in July 2010. I blogged about the invitation in My Dream Job: Record, Save and Submit and you can view my video submission on YouTube here.)

4) A post on someone else’s blog that you wish you’d written

I'll let you in on a secret ... I am not so good about reading other people's blogs on a consistent basis. In fact, if anyone out there has a system they use to accomplish this, please let me in on your secret! That's why I volunteer to help out with hosting blog carnivals because you have to read the posts to write up a good carnival post.

This is how I found this post you are not. at the blog Moosh in Indy while helping out with the ChronicBabe blog carnival. I LOVE this post and so wish I could be inspired to write a post like this. You have to check it out and leave Moosh some comment love...

5) Your most helpful post &
6) A post that you
wish more people had read

I wrote My Favorite Fibromyalgia Coping Strategy because I wanted to help others get started making their lives fibro-friendly. I even submitted this post to the Patients for a Moment blog carnival. Unfortunately, this is a post that doesn't have any comments on it, which makes me think I didn't reach those in need of this information. I know the post series How to Become a Fibromyalgia Scientist, Embracing My Life as a "Fibromyalgia Scientist" and Fibromyalgia Scientist Case Study: Grocery Shopping cover some of the same information and get more hits. I just am partial to my liberal use of the word fibro-friendly in My Favorite Fibromyalgia Coping Strategy.

7) A post with a title that you are proud of

Hands down, it has to be My Advice: Don't Get Cancer. It probably should come with the subtitle: Words of Wisdom from a Long-Term Cancer Survivor. I am proud of it because it is short, sweet and to-the-point with a kick of audacity and a big no duh! sprinkled in for good measure.

O.K., so I probably highlighted more than seven posts, but hey, they all are great representations of some of my best blogging. It goes without saying that I really enjoy the challenge of blogging and feel I get better and better with each post I publish. Which reminds me once again that there are some great benefits to working on living my best life despite chronic illness.

I challenge you to complete this meme too! Leave me a comment with the link to your Seven Posts to Savor and I promise to come by to read it and leave you some comment love. And let me know if you want to throw down the gauntlet and participate in a blog-a-day for a month challenge too.

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Pink Doberman said...

I love this post! I especially like several of the others you have shared again! Great idea! Thanks for sharing! I've been learning lots!