Friday, July 2, 2010

Good Reads for the Weekend: 4th of July Edition

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It's time again for another edition of Good Reads for the Weekend. Once again, you can find me featured in three different places around the blogosphere! Two of my posts you have already read if you visit here frequently, but that's no excuse not to visit both the ChronicBabe and Patients for a Moment blog carnivals because there are plenty of other great posts featured. Then head over to Colloquy Moms for a great idea for your 4th of July barbecue.

First up is the ChronicBabe blog carnival where the theme this time was tips for new ChronicBabes. My pal The Fibrochondriac asked me to help out this time putting the carnival together, which was a real honor. My post Chronic Illness: It Sucks ... And I Deal With It
is part of the lineup that includes others like You Are Not, What Your Doctor Couldn't Tell You and When Calamity Calls. So click here to head over to the ChronicBabe website.

At Patients for a Moment, it's a celebration! This edition marks the first anniversary of a blog carnival that strives to get people living with and blogging about chronic illness to start connecting with one another. The question Duncan asked us all to answer was What have you learned about yourself, your illness, and other sick people? I submitted my post
The Benefits of Being a Sick Chick in answer to his question. Other answers include how love is bigger than fear, taking up too much of your doctor's time and learning a lot in two years. Click here to read all the featured posts and connect with other patient bloggers.

Finally, here is another post from my new gig as a weekly contributing blogger over at Colloquy Moms. This week I wrote American as Apple Pie, a recipe for a barbecue twist on this classic dessert. Check it out and let me know if you try it ... and liked it!

So include blog reading into your weekend plans and be sure to spread some comment love along the way.

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