Friday, May 29, 2009

Feeling Fine Because It's Fulfillment Friday

I'm feeling fine because it's Fulfillment Friday! Time to list my accomplishments over the past week to prove to myself that I actually do get things done despite living with chronic illness.

  • Another successful week of daily blog posts.
  • Signed up for membership at the National Blog Posting Month, National Novel Writing Month and Blovelspot.
  • Got my haircut last Saturday. Robert got his haircut too!
  • Spent time with Robert's parents last Saturday. They got to meet Theodor for the first time! :)
  • Went shopping a Costco to use the manufacturers coupons before they expired! ;)
  • Went grocery shopping too. That's a lot of shopping in one week... :p Thank goodness for my Shoprider Dasher mobility scooter!
  • Figured out the whole Verizon FiOS installation thing. See, when you switch to FiOs there is no going to back to the old copper cable phone and DSL service. Apparently FiOS needs a battery backup that needs to be plugged directly into a 3 prong outlet. Of course, they don't tell you this when you make the installation appointment on the phone. I called FiOS technical support to find this out. But when they still couldn't answer all my questions on the phone, I actually corralled a Verizon employee who happened to be in the neighborhood and parked across the street on Wednesday to show him where I wanted to install the FiOS battery backup box to make sure it would work ... crazy, huh? 8-) Plus I had to call our home security alarm company to make sure that FiOS is compatible with call out feature of the alarm system. Whew! A lot of work for $100 back, guaranteed pricing for two years, faster Internet speed and free installation, but we are ready to go for installation on June 6.
  • I scheduled several medical appointments, including an echocardiogram and a follow-up with the cardiologist.
  • Went to UCLA today for my echocardiogram. Got to see and hear my beating heart and had a nice conversation with the tech during the test. :d

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