Monday, May 4, 2009


My friend Cyndie and I have a lot in common, including being members of dysfunctional families. This past Fall, after another long conversation about our latest family-related woes, my friend Cyndie said we should forget our families and replace them with each other: we could be our own sisters. The universe must have been listening because a few days later on a trip to the mall, Cyndie and I were sharing an elevator ride with a nice young couple who asked, "Which one of you is the older sister?" We both looked at each other, laughed, and replied in unison, "We're not sisters, we're friends." "That's funny," the wife replied, "because you both look so much alike and you act so much alike, you could really be sisters."

If life has taught me anythin
g, it is to be observant and watch for the signs pointing me in the direction it is best for me to go. This time, it was just a sign to make permanent something that has been a long time in the making. After all, the beginning of this sisterhood started back in 1983 or 84 ... oh my goodness, it has been so long that I can't even remember! To top it off, the person that introduced us (Terri H.) is no longer a friend to either of us. Go figure! Life works in weird and wonderful ways...

I began my quest fo
r a symbol to celebrate the "official" recognition of my sisterhood with Cyndie in November 2008. First, an Internet search led me to two phrases: LYLAS - Love you like a sister & My friend, you are the sister that I wish I had. The second was inscribed on a beautiful bracelet that was way out of my price range. But jewelry was a good idea and so my search turned to finding a piece of jewelry I could customize with these sayings. My search included eBay, where I find a lot of interesting, customizable and affordable items. I found a seller Amy's Nook who worked with me and created this one-for-you, one-for-me gift I gave to Cyndie for Christmas 2008:

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1 comment

Cynthia said...

I love you so much!! They say friends are the family you pick and that is so true! You are awesome and an inspiration! XOXO