Thursday, October 8, 2009

One Autumn Day, I Took a Trip

Brick PathImage by kohtzy via Flickr

One Autumn day,

I took a trip
upon a path of brick.

Not my fancied
"How did I get down here?"

My trip gone wrong,
on my belly,
the trees and sky above.

A bit in shock
And unsteady
I kneel and stand; I'm dazed.

Was I O.K.?
I could not tell.
"It's just a small detour."

No! Seems it was
a great big Fall:
Now plagued with aches and pains.

Yes I regret,
this Autumn trip;
that life it stole away.

If I could change
a couple things:
no trips, no Falls, no pain.

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1 comment

Anonymous said...

nice poem selena and I hope you get well soon.