Sunday, October 4, 2009

Cooler Weather Brings Memories of School Days

Fall SunImage by Douglas Brown via Flickr

It's been crisp and cool these past few nights on our walks with the dogs. The weather got me reminiscing about my school days and a poem about Fall I memorized in grade school. Through the miracle of Google and the Internet, all I had to do was type in a few of the words I remembered, "...Asters, deep purple, A grasshopper's call..." and I found my grade school poem:


A road like brown ribbon,
A sky that is blue,
A forest of green
With that sky peeping through.

Asters, deep purple,
A grasshopper’s call,
Today it is summer,
Tomorrow is fall.

~by Edwina Fallis

I Googled again and learned about the author of this poem, who I did not learn about in school:

Edwina Hume Fallis


Edwina Fallis was born in Denver, Colorado and served as president of the Denver School Board. Fallis demonstrated her passion for education through her storytelling with the use of toys and props for her kindergarten students. She taught in the Denver schools for over 40 years. She also wrote textbooks and the best-selling book "The Child and Things." Once she retired, she devoted her time to writing and published over 100 poems and the children's book "When Denver and I Were Young." Denver honored her after her death by naming the Edwina Hume Fallis Elementary School after her; she was the first teacher to receive this honor.

In my mind, an aster looks like an artichoke when it has gone to flower. So I decided to Google "aster" to see what they really look like:

Purple Aster hybridImage by anslatadams via Flickr

It appears that even though my school days are behind me, my love for learning lives on. Only now I have the power of the Internet to help me learn even more.

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