Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Getting My Grumpy On

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I admit it; I've been feeling much grumpier in the past week or so. I know it's because the weather is changing and cooler temperatures are making a return visit to Southern California. After several heat waves in September with temperatures well into the 90s even here, 3 miles in land from Venice Beach, it's now in the upper 60s to low 70s during the day and in the 50s at night.

It's not that I dislike the temperature being cooler. In fact, I dislike the heat that is the hallmark of the Southern California Summer, primarily because, due to my dysautonomia, I am unable to sweat correctly and find myself at risk for heat related illnesses like heatstroke and
heat exhaustion. For the past several months, inside the house with the air conditioner on served as my refuge from the heat.

Now, with the temperatures fluctuating from warm during the day to cool at night, I feel my fibromyalgia pain getting worse. It seems my body can tolerate hot all the time but has more problems when the temperature fluctuates or remains cooler consistently. I want to believe that my pain level doesn't affect my mood or at the very least feel like I have total control over my moods despite my pain, but my reality is that when I am in more pain I just feel grumpy. So at the very least, now that I'm aware of it, I need to make a more concerted effort not to take my grumpy out on the people and pets around me.

After a quick look at the message boards at
ButYouDon'tLookSick.com and the discussion thread "Is your pain worse when it rains?", it appears that I am not alone with my increased pain when the weather changes. Cold weather, storms, rain and changes in barometric pressure seem to effect people living with chronic pain conditions. Guess it's time to put my thinking cap on to brainstorm ideas and strategies I can employ to help my body cope with the change of season. Question is, can I figure out a way to outsmart the effects of Mother Nature and her constantly changing seasons or do I just have to suck it up, grin and bear it?

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1 comment

Anonymous said...

Ahh geez I think we just have to suck it up. I love the cooler weather but the 20 degree temp changes every 24 hours just kills me. I don't do well in hot weather either and I think it's because of constantly going in and out of air conditioning. For some reason, I do very well once the weather gets cold consistently. Temperature changes don't bother so much when they're under 60 -- like daytime 60's and nightime 40's don't cause me pain. But daytime 70s-80s and up and then down in the 50's and 60's at night are bad.

Hope your pain eases as the weather evens out. Me? I can't wait till winter gets here!