Saturday, October 31, 2009

I'm Not Afraid of Halloween Anymore

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As a fibromyalgia scientist, I discovered how to enjoy Halloween again.  My secret: I assembled a team of ghouls and put them to work helping me decorating, preparing, setting up and handing out candy.  I first tried this method last year and enjoyed Halloween again after a four year absence of participating in the neighborhood celebration.  I learned from last year's experience and tweaked and refined the process for this year.  Today, in addition to getting everything ready and completing last minute preparations, I am scheduling in some rest time to bolster me through the evening.

I will be tired tonight and I will need to schedule extra rest and recovery time next week, but being a part of life in my neighborhood and sharing the fun and festivities with my family and friends makes it worth it.  I reap the benefits of being a fibromyalgia scientist and sometimes it is scary good.  This is the goal of my efforts to learn to live my best life despite chronic illness.   
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