Sunday, October 25, 2009

Dressed to Kill

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Today we attended the annual Halloween party hosted by Robert's current and former bosses.    We have been attending this soiree since 2006.  Attending this party takes a lot out of me, so I need to plan in advance and spread the preparations across several days to pace myself and conserve my energy.  I also schedule extra rest before, during and after the event to recover, especially since Halloween is just seven days away and it will be another big night for me.  I make the effort because:
  • I want to support my husband's career.
  • The hosts welcome us with open arms and prepare a delicious spread of appetizers that are really more like a meal.
  • Despite all the difficulty preparing and getting there, I always enjoy myself.
This year the theme was "Dressed to Kill" and I pulled the idea killer bees out of my hat.  Well, maybe it wasn't so much my hat as my memories of the Saturday Night Live sketch with all the players of the cast dressed as bees.  You can refresh your memory, as I just did, by clicking here.   I added the touches of gangster hats with our antenna stick out and carrying gun, to distinguish us from regular honey bees.  After all, aren't killer bees the mafia of the bee world?  

Here are Robert and me, dressed to kill as The Killer Bees:

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