Friday, August 28, 2009

What? It's Friday? I thought Friday was tomorrow!

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Sometimes the days just fly by, and all of a sudden Fulfillment Friday comes right up on me!

Truth be told, from the moment I realized it was Friday, I started my Fulfillment Friday thinking to myself, "Good grief! What have I done all week? I can't remember anything! I feel like I have done nothing!"

Then I sat and thought. I checked my calendar. I turned and asked my husband, "What did I do all week?" I stared at my computer screen.

Somehow, this post started coming together until I beheld this whole list of accomplishments.

This week I:

  1. Scheduled my follow-up appointment with Meg at the Workwell Foundation. I am eager to discuss my heart rate and activity logs with her to find out what works for me in terms of "exercise" since I've experienced so many problems in this area.
  2. Saw Dr. Anne Peters, my endocrinologist, who is pleased with my control of my type 2 diabetes and congratulated me on losing three pounds. My efforts to lose weight have allowed me to stop taking one of my medications, leaving me with Byetta injections as my primary management tool.
  3. Harvested green beans, tomatoes, green bell peppers, radishes and squash from my container garden. I have so many green beans that I need to figure out how to blanch and freeze the extras.
  4. Learned about SEO---search engine optimization---and tweaked my blog to make it more search engine friendly.
  5. Submitted my blog to Blogged, Technorati and BlogSurfer.us. Signed up for Digg and Delicious accounts so I can submit my blog posts there too.
  6. Made new friends on Facebook with some of my fellow bloggers and persons who have commented on my blog.
  7. Delighted in being chosen to be part of the Fighting Fatigue CFS & Fibromyalgia Blog Carnival #13 at FightingFatigue.org.
  8. Put the due dates for the blog carnivals I have participated in on my calendar so I can strive to be a regular contributor.
  9. Cleared my schedule so when I am ready in the next few days I can try the new medication Savella for my fibromyalgia symptoms.
  10. Celebrated my birthday (and my hubby's too) and raised $70 on Facebook through My Birthday Wish created through Causes for the The Gerald E. Keerbs Memorial Fund. My goal is to raise $1,000.00 by December 31, 2009, my Dad's birthday, for the Alzheimer's Association.
It's good to remind myself that I do get things accomplished each and every week. Now I am glad that tomorrow isn't Friday after all.
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