Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Tomorrow I Am Going to Pause

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Sometimes my mantra is, "I don't feel good." When I hear myself saying this I try to counteract it with more positive self-talk like "I am good, I'm O.K., I am fine."

My latest reason not to feel good? I think I ate something this evening that didn't agree with me and now I have a tummy ache. Since I ate takeout food, I am worried that I'm developed some food borne related illness. I don't have the cast iron stomach my husband does...

If I get sick, tomorrow will automatically be a rest day, a bed day. With fingers crossed and sipping ginger tea, I am hoping this doesn't happen. I'm working on combating it with mind over matter.

But I digress...

Even if I don't find myself in a forced "time out" from the stomach flu, tomorrow I am going to pause. I need to give some thought to two things:

  1. It feels strange writing these posts in the future tense. I am wondering if I need to add an addendum to each post to let you know if I have actually completed, experienced and/or embarked on what I have set out and planned to do. I mean, it's great to talk about tomorrow in the abstract, but as I wear your shoes I am wondering, "What happened? Did she do it? What was the outcome?" After all, to paraphrase the poet Robert Burns, "The best laid plans of mice and men oft go awry."
  2. I need to explore ways to get myself motivated to face some challenges on my To Do list: housework and chores. The bottom line is I need to figure out how to bribe myself to get these two things done. Both are inherently not fun, not rewarding in the doing and require some ingenuity to make them fibro-friendly and yet I can see a benefit to doing them: a clean house and tasks completed around the house. In an ideal world, I'd hire someone to help me get these things done. Unfortunately, the budget is tight right now, so outside help isn't the solution. So I wonder how I can get up and going and maintain the momentum for getting the chores and housework done in the long haul. Any ideas?
So tomorrow I am going to pause ... and ponder, plan, project and append.

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