Thursday, August 6, 2009

Tomorrow is Fulfillment Friday!

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I started Fulfillment Fridays back in May to focus on my accomplishments and relish what I have done. Fulfillment Fridays got lost when I blogged about heroes in June and routine in July.

After my post Tomorrow I Will See What Has Been Done, I felt discouraged about not being able to complete a list of six priorities every day. After my day of pondering (Tomorrow I Am Going to Pause) I realized that setting six priorities every day doesn't work for me right now. What does work is setting six weekly priorities and going back to celebrating my accomplishments on Fulfillment Friday.

If I stick to this plan, I build accountability into the process of setting of my six weekly priorities through the final step of stopping, reviewing, taking stock and reporting back each Friday. Plus I now have some additional motivation, because I want to be able to share with you what I can do in a week. Blogging about Fulfillment Friday holds me accountable.

Can you tell I am at heart an extrovert and a people person? This is why I previously chose social work as a profession: I felt inspired, challenged and rewarded working with people. This has been the hardest thing for me about living with chronic illness; the amount of time I now spend alone and the difficulties I experience being social, like sensory overload, increased physical and cognitive symptoms and exacerbation of fatigue. I miss my social life...

I look forward to the return of Fulfillment Fridays tomorrow.

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