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So What Happened When Yesterday Was Tomorrow?

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It is almost the end of August and my month of blogging about tomorrow is coming to an end. Blogging about tomorrow has been an interesting experiment, but I feel the need to review the month and let you know what happened when yesterday was tomorrow. In this post I am reviewing August 1 through 14; tomorrow I'll review August 15 through 29.

So let's step back in time and see what happened:

Planning for Tomorrow - 8/2/09

After a day of pondering, I have decided that a daily priority list is too much for me right now. So instead, I changed this to a fibro-friendly weekly priority list.

Tomorrow I Will See What Has Been Done - 8/3/09

Since I wrote this post, I've been focusing on my accomplishments rather than being hung up on my shortcomings. I'm not always successful, but when I am, I've found that I feel better about myself when I see what I have done.

Tomorrow I See a New Doctor... - 8/4/09

Unfortunately the rheumatologist treated the appointment as a consultation only. He sent me right back to my referring neurologist for follow-up. That's O.K. because I really don't want to add another doctor to my team. I really, really like my neurologist and she is O.K. with managing my pain/fibro/TOS care. Win-win for me.

Tomorrow I Am Going to Pause - 8/5/09

Robert Burns said, "
The best laid plans of mice and men oft go awry." What can I say, I am not immune; my plans do not always come through or work out. Like my plan to figure out how to motivate myself to get housework and chores done ... well, I am still working on it. But I have discovered that taking a forced time out every once in a while isn't such a bad thing.

Tomorrow is Fulfillment Friday! - 8/6/09

I love Fulfillment Fridays! They really help me focus on what has been done. In retrospect, it was a very good idea to reinstate Fulfillment Fridays. I suggest you try them, too.

Fulfillment Today, Fuel for Tomorrow - 8/7/09

I believe that focusing on success creates momentum for a person to continue on and achieve even more success. Success is a solid foundation you can build on. I mean, how people can build their lives up by focusing on their failures? While failures can teach us lessons and point us in a better direction for next time, it the successes that help us build the life we want to live. Hopefully, there are more successes to build with than failures to learn from at the end of each week."

I have been reminding myself of this concept almost daily, ever since I wrote it down. And the best part: sharing this advice with a close friend and helping to motivate her to focus and build on her successes instead of getting mire in her failures. It was advice she needed and was able to take to heart.

Setting My Priorities for Another Week of Tomorrows - 8/8/09

Of the six items I set out to accomplish for the week, I was able to complete five, which is good for me. As I wrote:
"Being chronically ill means I need to be flexible and understanding of my limits. It means living with the unexpected, being O.K. with a sudden change in plans and learning to go with the flow. My best laid plans often go unexecuted, especially when I have a flare-up in my symptoms."

Will I Pay Tomorrow for What I Have Done Today? - 8/9/09

I did not pay the next day. I caught a break that day.

Tomorrow I Just Might Achieve My Dream - 8/11/09

While not all my attempts to pursue my dream of writing were fruitful, I did enjoy some success. I was featured in three blog carnivals this month:
  1. Oh My Aches and Pains! featured in the Patients for a Moment blog carnival
  2. Oh My Aches and Pains! featured in Grand Rounds Blog Carnival
  3. Oh My Aches and Pains! featured in the Fighting Fatigue Blog Carnival
I have an offer to write an article for the Fighting Fatigue website and I am working on a submission for the next edition of the book: Voices of Courage (A Collection of Short Stories and Poems that Cancer Couldn't Beat).

I Don't Want to Push Today, Crash Tomorrow, Anymore - 8/12/09

This was the post featured in the Grand Rounds Blog Carnival. Writing this post was a great reminder that, in my life with chronic illness, good days are dangerous.

Tomorrow I Should Open a Saving Account - 8/13/09

"The unexpended energy is a gift of healing you are giving to your body."
Opening an energy savings account is a good idea. I need to work on embracing this concept and I am contemplating how to do this.

Fulfillment Friday, a.k.a. The Results of Tomorrows Past - 8/14/09

Another post and another great reminder of the things I could do despite living with chronic illness. You see, in my own time and in my own way, this Chronic Babes can get things done!
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