Saturday, July 11, 2009

What have I learned so far about minimizing my symptoms? - Part 2

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Today is a better day. Taking a break and resting after my over-the-limit activity on Wednesday once again worked. I cut the impending flare-up off and I am back to my routine energy limit of 2 to 4 hours once again.

So I didn't really get to fully answer the question:
What have I learned so far about minimizing these symptoms? There is definitely more to the answer than I was able to articulate the other day.

Really the key to minimizing my symptoms is
My Personal Rules. Here is my first draft:

  • Resting when needed
  • Sleeping as well as possible at night
  • Taking medications (over-the-counter and prescription) as needed
  • Being aware of how much energy I have each day and scheduling my activities accordingly: pacing, planning, saying no, rescheduling as needed
  • Doing something fun every day
  • Making activities "fibro-friendly", i.e. gardening becomes fibro-friendly container gardening
  • Following the Golden Guideline: Pace = Play, Push = Pay
  • Limiting social activities outside the home to no more than once a week
  • Making my home a quiet sanctuary
  • Seeking help from others when needed
  • Finding a balance between treating my chronic health problems and living my life
  • Learning to live my best life despite chronic illness
  • Being open to trying new things to treat my health problems
  • Setting up trial periods to evaluate if something is working and stopping if I am not getting any benefits
  • Making a "NOT TO DO" list and delegating tasks I really have no business doing in my condition
  • When a flare-up begins, cancel plans, limit activities and increase rest until the increased symptoms dissipate
This list is a work in progress and I promise by the end of July will have a complete list of My Personal Rules and a completed "Not To Do" list.

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