Thursday, July 30, 2009

My Routine: Tools That Help Me Stay in the Energy Envelope

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I've mentioned in my posts on my routine this month of July 2009 some tools that help me conserve my energy and stay in my energy envelope.

Today I wanted to share with you some pictures of my favorite tools as well as a hand dandy carousel link to Amazon.com where you can purchase these tool (or ones just like them) for yourself.


The best way to make sure I stick to the 15 minute rule is by using a timer. I have two favorites: a small, portable timer on a cord that I wear when I go outside to container garden and my stop sign design Time Tracker that gives me a sound and visual warning when my 15 minutes are coming up.


The position that works best for me? Sitting. The next best thing: standing while resting one foot on a stool. Hence my collection of benches, chairs and stools: the bench I use while showering, the stool I rest my foot on next to the bathroom sink, the garden seat I made using a 5 gallon paint container, a contractor's seat and a gel kneeling cushion, the chair I sit on while my dogs do their thing outside and the travel scooter I use to walk my dogs and go shopping.


I love Batiste Dry Shampoo. It makes it possible to wash my hair every other day, which keeps my "workouts in the shower" to a manageable number each week.

By the way, shopping online is a huge energy-saver for me personally. I discovered the $79 Amazon Prime membership that gives me two day shipping on all my purchases, regardless of amount, for an entire year. Plus at Amazon.com, there is no sale tax, which helps me save money and stay within my budget too.

Happy shopping!

Amazon Prime Membership
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