Sunday, July 19, 2009

My Routine: Day of Rest

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After my ordeal in Urgent Care yesterday evening, today became a day of rest. I slept in and have been taking it easy all day. My decision to brave a long wait and grumpy employees, probably upset they had to work on a Saturday, paid off today. When I woke up, my pain flare-up felt lessened and moving my right arm much less painful after just two doses of the antibiotics.

Like I tweeted on Twitter earlier today, "Wanting y'all to know that being a Type 2 diabetic and HCV+ makes me more susceptible to infections, in case you were wondering. Cause I'm a Chronic Babe!

As Robert commented to me at dinner, "Your overly sensitive system sent an alert that you had the beginnings of an infection." We discussed how it was a good thing I went to Urgent Care and started treating this infection early, rather than waiting until Monday and risking it getting worse. He's still bummed he missed bowling though.

We're still debating wh
ether I got poked by a piece of organic matter in the compost pile or if I got bitten by an insect. Whatever it was, it made it through my gardening gloves ... guess I need ones made out of Kevlar now! (Hint, hint for those of you loo

Garden BedsImage by Linda N. via Flickr

king for a birthday gift for me.) At least now my tetanus vaccination has been updated, so I don't have to worry when the next garden mishaps happens.

Speaking of my garden, I know one of my friends wanted to know "how does your garden grow," so tomorrow I'm going to share with you my container garden routine...

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