Monday, November 22, 2010

Question of the Week: Are You Ready for the Holidays?

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Can you believe that Thanksgiving is just three days away? You know, the official start of the holiday season for those of us here in America. Which begs the following follow-up question:

Are you ready for the holidays???

I thought I was going to get a head start this year. That was, until my youngest kitty, Sir Hiss, got sick and had to go to the vet. After several trips and a lot of vet bills later, my holiday nest egg got spent on something called feline lower urinary tract disease (FLUTD.)

The good news: after a work-up, medications and a change in diet, this condition appears to be under control.

The bad news: now I have a bit of a holiday cash shortage.

Fortunately I have a Plan B ... and a Plan C.

So I am changing my plans and figuring out how to do more with less--like a lot of people are doing this holiday season.

So how are your holiday plans shaping up?

If you are just getting started like me, here are some posts from my archives that might help:

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  • for ideas about fibro-friendly holiday decorations, click here
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  • for gifts any person living with fibromyalgia will LOVE, click here and here
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Leave a comment and let us know if you are ready for the holidays. You can also join us over at the Oh My Aches and Pains! Facebook page where we will be discussing this topic all week long.

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Heather said...

I am and am not ready for the season. Shopping wise I am almost done for the season, but I am not looking forward to it because it will be the first one without my mom and I miss her a lot.

I am putting up a little tree and that is about all i am doing this year. I figure with the way I am feeling, my luck I would get a full blown flare at the same time and that would just be bad.

I have a cousin here for thanksgiving so I am thankful for that.

I hope you have a great thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

Aww I hope your baby will be okay. Mine went through the same thing yrs. back and he's done brilliantly on his new food :)

As for shopping, I don't make very much money, so I've been doing one gift for each person, and getting little bits that I can, starting last month, so all I have left is my mom, dad, and step mom, then I'm done!