Thursday, November 11, 2010

Helping Veterans on Veteran's Day 2010

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As I have mentioned before, I use the emWave® Personal Stress Reliever to manage my dysautonomia symptoms. Not only is this a great product, but the company behind the product, HeartMath, is a company I admire. The emWave® is a powerful tool to use against conditions like anxiety, depression, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), emotional eating and stress. Through HeartMath's Caring Initiative program, the company donates emWave®s to military personnel returning from Iraq and Afghanistan to help them manage their symptoms of PTSD.

Let me share with you some recent information from the non-profit Institute of HeartMath (IHM) which was sent to me this Veteran's Day 2010:

Within our hearts, we hold a profound and enduring care for those who serve our nation in the Armed Forces. Please join us on Veterans Day, Nov. 11 to honor and appreciate the millions of men and women that have served or continue to serve not only all Americans, but so many of the world’s people as well.

Send a Postcard of Care to a soldier anywhere in the world. Write a brief message or select a prewritten note to send in an e-postcard to cheer up a veteran, active-duty soldier or to their family. This is a wonderful opportunity to offer your care, gratitude and a kind word to those who have cared enough to offer their service to you.

Since 2007, the institute has been able to help many veterans, active-duty soldiers and their families and the medical personnel that care for them. Many soldiers have expressed their gratitude, especially for HeartMath programs, tools and the emWave® technology, to IHM for its help in the recovery process. Learn more about the Caring Initiative Military Service Appreciation.

Here is a comment IHM has received:
"I have been involved in a number of other PTSD therapies. So, my use of emWave® (and the Quick Coherence Technique) has been integrated into a collage of PTSD therapeutic approaches. … I sense being calmer in general. My rage moments are fewer, less intense and don’t last quite as long. I guess the most telling evaluation is that my wife thinks I have made some significant positive changes and am just a nicer person to live with." -Soldier

You can read more soldier and veteran testimonials, donate to the Military Service Appreciation Fund or refer a veteran, active duty service person or a member of their family in need of special aid at the Sponsorship Application Page.

Then consider for yourself the benefits of owning your own emWave® Personal Stress Reliever.

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