Sunday, November 7, 2010

Do Good: Support Kim, Organ Donation & Vital Alliance

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One of my Twitter friends is a courageous and wonderful woman named Kimberly (@KMunoz28). She lives with a chronic and rare illness called Budd Chiari syndrome and one day she will need a liver transplant. To educate others about her illness, she has dedicated a web page to explaining this condition: What is Budd Chiari syndrome?

Kim writes over at her blog Hope Whispers and shares her amazing photographs on her photography blog A Shot of Life. Please visit her there and leave her some comment love.

We connected over a tweet I sent out a while back when I mentioned that my schedule fit better with the time zone of the Marshall Islands. Little did I know, Kim was actually born and raised there! She inspired me to learn more about the Marshall Islands, her illness and the cause of organ donation in general.

I know Kim and Amanda, a recent liver transplant recipient I wrote about back in July and August of this year, have connected to support one another through the transplant process. (Wouldn't that be cool if they found each other through my blog and tweets?!)

Now I'm excited to promote and contribute to Kim's fund raising efforts on behalf of Vital Alliance, an organization with the mission to "inspire and educate the community about the needs and benefits of organ, eye and tissue donation" in the state of Texas. On November 20th, Kim participates in the Vital Alliance 5K Run/Walk and has set up a donation page over at FirstGiving so we can show her our support.

In the tradition of Do Good I have established here on my blog, I am once asking you, if you can, to consider making a donation to this worthwhile and deserving cause. Even a small donation of just a few dollars can make the difference for someone in need of an organ, eye or tissue transplant.

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