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Fibro-Friendly Holidays: 10 Helpful Presents for Fibromites

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Trying to figure out what to get that special someone in your life that lives with fibromyalgia? Let me help with some suggestions for gifts that are both considerate and helpful. I know these gifts are winners because I own and use every item that I am recommending every day. The fibromite in your life will be very thankful for such thoughtful presents that help them live a better life despite fibromyalgia.

You can see what each item looks like by viewing them in the Amazon carousel widget at the bottom of this post.


This nifty little gadget helps you pick things up from the floor without having to bend and get things down from the top shelf without having to reach above your head. The PikStik makes grabbing things more fibro-friendly. Help a fibromite get it for themselves by giving them the gift of a PikStik.

Book Stand

Holding a book for someone with fibromylagia can be painful. This simple yet practical present makes reading a book a pleasure once again.

Back Rest Pillow

This pillow makes lounging and resting in bed more comfortable. The arms on this pillow support your arms, minimizing pain. This gift is a fibromite favorite.

Comfort U Pillow -For Total Body Support

Developed by a nurse who lives with fibromyalgia, this pillow helps support your body while lying in bed, which makes you more comfortable. Give the gift of a better night's sleep with the Comfort U pillow.

Washable Wool Blanket

Wool breathes, making for a more comfortable night's sleep. Especially good for those experiencing the symptoms of peri-menopause and menopause. Keep your favorite fibromite warm and cozy with a washable wool blanket.

Convertible Gloves

Gloves keep your hands warm, but what if you need to find your keys in your purse or answer your cell phone? Convertible gloves incorporate the best of gloves and mittens, allowing your fingertips to free for a few moments so you can get things done. This clever present keep hands warm and functional.

Folding Cane Seat

Sitting conserves more energy than standing, but when you are out and about there aren't always chairs available. The present of a folding cane seat brings seated relief for those long lines at the bank, post office and grocery store.

Meditation CD

Listening to a meditation CD while resting calms both body and mind. A meditation CD is a caring gift that brings benefits to the listener all year long.

Sound Soother

Sound is a versatile tool. It can be used to help calm and focus the mind during rest breaks. It can also be used to create a barrier to disruptive noises in and outside the home that can interrupt sleep. A sound soother is so integral to my sleep that I have purchased a travel edition for when I am away from home. A sound soother makes a great present.

Dragon Naturally Speaking

Being able to talk and have someone type for me is a godsend, since using my hands too much often leads to a flare-ups of my symptoms. While it does take a while to train this program to work properly, Dragon Naturally Speaking allows me to send emails, write a blog and even attempt to write a novel. Help your fibromite do more on the computer with the gift of Dragon Naturally Speaking.

What are you getting for the fibromite on your list? What do you think of my suggestions? Let me know by leaving a comment.

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