Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Make a Charitable Donation By December 31

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Want to ensure good karma for the New Year and the new decade? I humbly suggest that you make a donation to your favorite charity by December 31, 2009, if you have not done so already. No favorite charity? Then let me suggest one of mine, the Alzheimer's Association.

Back on Father's Day 2009, I created a tribute to my Dad on their website that I titled The Gerald E. Keerbs Memorial Fund. All donations to the fund benefit the Alzheimer's Association. So far, my friends have donated $130 to my cause.

I wrote back on December 5th that donor Evelyn Nartelski will match ANY donation to the Alzheimer's Association up to $20,000 until the end of 2009. Well guess what? ANOTHER generous donor has stepped forward and offered to match donations made by December 31st up to $10,000. Amazing!

So now a $5 donation becomes $10, a $10 donation becomes $20 and a $20 donation becomes $40.

Please don't underestimate how much $5 can help. I recently saw an interview on my local TV news with actor Dick Van Dyke. A big philanthropist himself, he commented that it is the small donations by everyday people of $5, $10 and $20 that really add up to big bucks for charities.

So if you haven't already, make your donation before the end of the year and help make a big difference in 2010.

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