Saturday, December 5, 2009

Evelyn Doubles Donations to Alzheimer's Association!

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I committed in June 2009 to raising money for the Alzheimer's Association in the memory of my father, Gerald E. Keerbs. I created the The Gerald E. Keerbs Memorial Fund at the Alzheimer's Association website on Father Day as well as a companion site on Facebook. So far I have raised $130 through both sites. 

I received this email yesterday that I want to share with you:

Dear Selena,

You still have time to make your gift go twice as far in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease…

Now through December 31, Evelyn Nartelski, a friend of the Alzheimer’s Association, will match any gift you send – up to $200,000!
"My father was a survivor. He survived the Holocaust and losing his wife and child to the gas chambers. But he couldn't survive Alzheimer’s. This matching gift challenge is in his memory and for all those who fight to defeat Alzheimer’s disease."
-Evelyn Nartelski
Act now and your gift of $50 will double in value and become $100, $100 will become $200…

The Nartelski Matching Gift Challenge represents a singular opportunity to make a significant impact in the ongoing struggle to defeat Alzheimer’s.

Time is almost up! Please make a
much-needed gift that will have twice the impact in our efforts to end Alzheimer’s.

Thank you again for your valued support.


Angela Geiger
Vice President

Is it a coincidence that her generous offer to double donations is good through my Dad's birthday, December 31?

I took this email as a call to once again promote my fundraising efforts and remind you that this is the final month of my challenge. I am inviting you to help me reach my goal by asking you to consider a micro donation of $5 or $10, because now $5 becomes $10 and $10 becomes $20! Anything you contribute to the Alzheimer's Association will be greatly appreciated.

You can read my initial post about my hero, my Dad, by clicking here. Thank you for your support.

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