Wednesday, December 23, 2009

We Won 3rd Place in the SunRun Holiday Lights Contest!

R, G, and B LEDs [7].Image via Wikipedia

It seems like we missed a lot of phone calls yesterday. Among them was a call from San Francisco at about 5:00 PM. Robert and I looked at each other, scratching our heads, wondering who would be calling us from San Francisco. Then a light bulb came on and we both rushed to the answering machine.

There we found, among other ordinary and extraordinary messages, a voicemail from SunRun informing us that our solar powered home placed 3rd in the SunRun Holiday Lights Contest. We won a $50 Amazon gift card and LED holiday lights. We were so excited!

Here is the link to the SunRun blog where you can read all about the contest and see the 1st and 2nd place homes as well: click here.

Maybe with the fabulous LED lights we won we can place 1st next year!

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