Monday, December 28, 2009

Random Christmas Thoughts

Rear of Electric Blue MINI Cooper SImage by swgn via Flickr

As we were traveling to my in-laws house for Christmas dinner, I saw a bright blue Mini Cooper wagon driving next to us with a bright pink bummer sticker on its back that said, "I Would Rather Be Here Now." It reminded me of my month long Be Here Now experiment during the month of November 2009 and helped me remember to keep my focus on the present moment to increase my enjoyment of the day.


At one point in our car ride, I asked my husband, "Why does your family celebrate Christmas? No one in your family is Christian."

He first replied, "I don't know."

Then he remarked, " Christmas is more than a religious holiday, it is a cultural one too. Just look at all the business that are closed on Christmas Day."

Just then we drove by an open business and I responded, "Well except for the movie theaters and Chinese restaurants."

"Yes," he said, "Well, now, that is the joke."


During a quiet moment in the car, I started pondering the true meaning of Christmas, beyond what I was taught in Catholic school. After a few days of contemplation, I came to the conclusion that the celebration of the birth of Jesus is a really a celebration of his potential and his purpose on Earth. Jesus was born to save mankind from their sins and help us attain Eternal Life. If he had never been born, Jesus could not have achieved his potential and fulfilled his purpose on Good Friday.

Recognizing potential and purpose ... is this the reason we celebrate birthdays?

This got me thinking about my potential and purpose in life and how many times it seems like it has been sidelined and sidetracked by my health problems. It got me wondering if I will live up to my potential and purpose during my lifetime. I want the answer to the question to be YES, so I soldier onward with this goal in mind, despite a life with chronic illness.

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