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The Holiday Blues & Be Good to You

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Chances are you are going to get a least one gift this year that isn't going to be what you asked Santa or your favorite Holiday gift-giver to get you. So to ensure that at least one gift this year is something that will bring a smile to your face, consider buying a gift for yourself. Here are some favorites that I have purchased for myself, many of which have the added benefit of helping me cope with various aspects of my chronic illnesses. Which means these items make great gifts for people living with fibromyalgia, dysautonomia, sleep disorders, etc. (hint, hint holiday gift-givers!)

Enjoy A Cup of Comfort

This time of year is perfect for a nice, hot cup of tea. Besides being warm and soothing, tea has many health benefits too: read this great article Tea for Fibromyalgia. One of THE best cups of tea I have ever had was from the Mighty Leaf Tea Company, which I discovered in 2004 at the Portofino Hotel in Redondo Beach. I have been ordering their artisan blends in biodegradable tea pouches ever since.

Save $5.00 off normal prices when you buy a 3-Pack of Mighty Leaf Tea. Get Free Samples with every order!

Curl Up With a Good Book

Some of my favorite authors are Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, Geneen Roth, Sylvia Browne and Marianne Williamson. In fact, I own books by many of the authors published through Hay House. My favorite categories to browse are inspirational, health and healing, spirituality and self improvement. I currently have my eye on Happy Holidays! by Dr. Dyer, which is about beating the holiday blues.

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Splurge on a Back-Friendly Item

I covet just about every back-friendly gadget in the Relax the Back store. From pillows and plush supports that make sitting and lying down more comfortable, to ergonomic pens that make writing with carpal tunnel symptoms a little bit easier, this store is a great place to browse for helpful products and ideas. Of course, these days I'm doing my browsing online at the Relax the Back website.

Relax The Back

Sleep to the Sound of the Ocean

With all my sleep problems, it takes a variety of strategies and solutions to get me close to a good night's sleep. One thing that really helps, so much so that I simply cannot sleep without it, is a sound soother. I own the Sound Oasis Deluxe. My favorite sound is white noise, which magically drowns out my husband's snoring, noise from outside my window and the doorbell when I am resting.

Tap Into Powerful Stress Relief

My doctor recommend the emWave® Personal Stress Reliever to help me manage my dysautonomia symptoms. This simple hand-held device uses colorful LED displays, audio feedback and a powerful stress relief technique to help me increase my feelings of well-being and train my nervous system to relax. Best of all, it is simple, fun to use and ON SALE for the holidays (through December 28th.)

emWave Stress Reliever on sale!

So be good to you this holiday season. Splurge on a gift just for yourself and be your own secret Santa.

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Anonymous said...

LOVE tips!!! I'm new to having my fibro be at an undeniable level so now instead of medicine, I want to find at home solutions! Thanx so much!

Jessica said...

I love my back massagers and peppermint tea, esp in the cool, cozy winter months! And there is nothing better than curling up in comfy pj's with a good book! I am gonna have to check out that Relax the Back website!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tips, Selena. I've had Fibromyalgia and Hashimoto's Fibromyalgia for years, so am happy to answer questions for the newbie. I am definitely going to check out Relax the Back ( or in my case, shoulders) website.

Anonymous said...

Great gift/wish list for chronic pain/chronic illness.
I've used sound machines to help me sleep: I like waves because one of my visualizations involves being caressed by warm, west coast waves (comparatively warm considering east coast wave temps are toes in only lol)with each receeding wave, I visulaze the pain going out and the incoming wave can bring peace, comfort, sleep, calm, focus.
I'm going to check and see if the relax the back website also works for shoulders!

Sheila said...

Love your list! I use a sound machine which allows me to choose between 2-3 options. It's a lifesaver! As usual-love to read your stuff! Merry Christmas :-))