Friday, March 5, 2010

Tired on Top of Exhausted

MalaiseImage by selva via Flickr

I sit here wondering why I am so much more tired today. More precisely, that's tired on top of exhausted for me. So after a minute of clueless wondering, I remember that I went grocery shopping with Robert yesterday evening, my first trip out of the house in two weeks. No wonder I am tired.

Of course, being sick for three weeks hasn't helped either. I've been starting to feel like a shut-in instead of a homebody. Now that I am feeling almost all better, the crawl back up to my 'normal' can start and my goal is to avoid a flare-up along the way. Grocery shopping is a good example of the slippery slope I face: my body doesn't respond until 24 hours later with the message, "Hey, you did too much!"

Time to make the Golden Rule of Chronic Illness my mantra: If I pace I can play, if I push I will pay.

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