Thursday, March 25, 2010

Send Comfort by the Spoonful

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I think that Spoonful of Comfort is an inspired company making a great product and supporting good causes by donating some of their profits to charity.

Like so many other great innovations, the idea behind this company arose from tragedy. In 2007, Marti Bowes Wymer's mother was diagnosed with lung cancer. Since traveling to Canada from Florida to see her mother wasn't possible, Marti wanted to send her something to show that she was thinking about her. Trying to come up with the prefect gift to send her, she thought about how her mother used to make her chicken soup when she wasn't feeling well.

And thus the concept behind a Spoonful of Comfort took form.

Today you can send chicken soup--old-fashioned, cooked in small batches, all natural and made with love--to someone you care about who is under the weather or feeling blue. What a wonderful way to show your ill family member in another state or a homesick college student that you care. Complete your order by adding homemade rolls and oatmeal raisin cookies. Not only will your thoughtful and unique food gift cheer the recipient and fill their belly, it will also support The American Cancer Society in the memory of Mona Bowes.

They'll feel better and so will you when you send the gift of chicken soup from a Spoonful of Comfort.
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