Friday, March 19, 2010

My Brain is Confused ... and Confusing

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Yesterday I went to get the results from my brain SPECT scan that I had a week ago last Thursday. I've been anxious all week to get my result. You see, I got a message the day afterward from my neurologist's office, "Please call and schedule an appointment with the doctor to get you results." I interpreted the message as a bad sign, a sign that something was wrong.

So I got myself mentally prepared by expecting the worse and hoping for the best. I explored my fears to find my greatest one. I acknowledged that my worst fear is contracting Alzheimer's disease like my Dad. Then I found hope on the Internet that, if caught early by a SPECT scan, early treatment could slow progression of the disease. Then I rallied my support system, including asking my hubby to come with me yesterday to my appointment to hold my hand and keep me calm. After all this, I settled down and settled into a week-long wait.

Jump to today and the good news is that there isn't anything seriously or obviously wrong with my brain. In fact, some of the findings may just be what they call a "normal variation." Other findings appear more mysterious. Yes, my brain isn't quite right, but it isn't clear why. It is possible that I suffered some unrecognized brain trauma from my trip-and-fall accident, even though I don't remember hitting my head. It is possible these changes are related to being a person living with fibromyalgia. In fact, since my medical history is so complicated, there may be a whole variety of explanations for the strange findings.

I don't really know what my results mean and I left more confused than anything. My doctor tried to reassure me that she will follow-up and get a hard copy of the scan images, talk to the radiologist and do some research. This is definitely "to be continued." But for me, this whole exercise brought home to fact that medicine doesn't always have the answers.

I guess the best news is it wasn't the scary, urgent, "get in here to get your results" event the doctor's office staff presented it to be. But it is frustrating to have to wait even longer to understand my results.

Won't you wait with me as this story unfolds?

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1 comment

Anonymous said...

Well, I so glad for you that everything look fine after the scan. I agree that waiting to hear results is maddening. The doctor's office shuld at least say..."evrything looks good but the doctor still would like to see you." Would be nice wouldn't it?
Keep us updated.
Maureen (#13)