Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Linky Love: On Health Care Reform

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I'm no expert when it comes to commenting on health care reform, but I traveled the blogosphere and found some experts in the subject. Fortunately for me, many of them just participated in the recent edition of the Grand Rounds blog carnival posted at the blog See First. This blog carnival features both doctor and health care/patient bloggers, which makes for an interesting mix of perspectives and opinions. You can read all the submissions by clicking here: Grand Rounds: Health Care Reform Edition.

My favorite post comes from health and patient blogger Laurie Edwards at A Chronic Dose. Laurie has been dealing with chronic illness since the day she was born and talks about how having pre-existing conditions has effect her relationship with health insurance. I have to say, she and I are on the same page in many ways, and her post echoes many of the same sentiments as my post from yesterday: No More Pre-Existing Medical Conditions Exclusions. Click here to read Laurie's take:
Where's the Patient in Health Care Reform?

Today's post is short and sweet as I want to get back to reading all the great posts from yesterday's edition of Grand Rounds. I'll be back tomorrow with more of my own thoughts on health care reform, this time inspired by the caption on a picture. Intrigued? Come back tomorrow and check it out...

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