Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bits and Pieces

Rendering of human brain.Image via Wikipedia

Today I share a smattering of the thoughts that are running through my brain. Although let's be honest; bits and pieces probably describes the functional capacity of my brain right now! I'll know for sure when I get the results of the SPECT brain scan I'll be getting later today. I've already located some articles about how the brain of a person with fibromyalgia is different on SPECT than the brain of a normal person.

But I digress...


Getting ready to leave the house begins 24 hours before the actual leaving. It is quite a production. For starters, I contend with figuring out 24 hours in advance if I can keep an appointment so I can always cancel 24 hours in advance and avoid a "missed appointment" fee. So you can imagine how miffed I was when I got 4 hours notice on Monday that my appointment later that day was canceled because my doctor called in sick.

My friend is upset with me because I decided to keep honoring the original No Phone Zone pledge I signed back in January 2010. She wants to start calling me again at midnight from her car on her way home from work. I worry about her driving distracted because of the other distracted, drowsy and drunk drivers she might encounter at that hour on her way home. I am keeping my pledge because I care about her, but I don't think she sees it that way. I want to figure out another time we can talk, but I know that is complicated by my sleep disorders. My skewed sleep schedule places me at 'just getting up' around the time she is 'just getting to work.'

Speak of cell phones, I just realized the my blog post title from yesterday was grammatically incorrect. *sigh* I changed it, but it has already gone out into the universe displaying my fibro-fog influenced writing style. You'd think I could at LEAST get the title correct...

I experienced a huge malware/spyware infection around the time I hosted the Patients for a Moment blog carnival back in February from which I am STILL recovering. I cannot believe how difficult it is to find solutions to my computer problems. I literally spent hours and hours surfing tech forums, posting questions and waiting for answers, and taking 'leaps of faith' downloading fix it programs and trying them out. I believe that it is only through my persistence that I finally found solutions to my problems.

Finally, I use a lot of Google products: Blogger, Feedburner and Chrome to name a few. And lately I have been having a lot of problems with Blogger, Feedburner and Chrome. So I go to the HELP forums, search for answers and, finding none, post questions. Why is it I never get a response? Which leads to the bigger question: How can a company as big as Google not have better customer service? So I put my question out on Twitter to @Google to see if I get an answer.


Let's see what my blog post tomorrow looks like after they inject me with technetium-99m this afternoon--SPECT is a nuclear medicine scan by the way. Maybe I'll glow-in-the-dark afterward. Wish me luck...

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1 comment

Annie said...

Haha, I know the Fibro-fog feeling. I have to edit everything like 18 times to fix all my mistakes!