Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Sweet Tribute from My Best Friend

I received an unexpected present from my sister Cyndie yesterday. She devoted her whole blog post to me. I admit that I loved it!

Here is an excerpt:

My friend Selena was given the gift and needed an outlet for all her parental tendencies and talents. Human children weren’t in the plan so two years ago she adopted Brunswick, a sweet poodle from “the hood”. A year later, Brunswick, who had apparently inherited his mom’s heart, met Theodore in doggie day camp. He heard Theodore had been thrown out of a car, was homeless and then the two became friends. Brunswick begged Selena to let him come home with them. Theo and Brun became brothers and Theo never went back. In addition to the boys, the Inouye household has three cats, one is a new addition recently acquired from the suburban jungle, aka the backyard.
You can read her entire post entitled The Best Parent by clicking here.

Thank you Cyndie for writing such a wonderful post about me and my furry children. We all love you, Aunt Cyndie!

PS Hey Cyndie--I promise to post the very tasty Chinese Beef and Vegetable Stew recipe on my blog tomorrow!

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