Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Best New Thing I Learned About Bras

I watch my local PBS station, KCET, frequently. One of my favorite show is Visiting ... with Huell Howser (and I can hear myself saying this with Huell's faded Tennessee accent.) I learn a lot about California by watching my TV friend Huell, but I never thought I would learn something about bras from him.

I started watching the episode Whistling Champ, which starts at a Monrovia business called the Creative Woman. Turns out, the whistling champ's mom opened a bra fitting shop back in 1975 called The Wizard of Bras. If you follow the Whistling Champ link above to view the episode on Huell's Cal Gold website, you'll see that The Wizard of Bras stocks thousands of bras in every conceivable size.

Now Monrovia is too far a drive for me, but stopping by their website for a visit is no problem. I stopped by the Fitting School link at the top of the page, thinking it would just be a review of what I already know about measuring myself to figure out my bra size. I clicked on the Fitting 101 video on that page and learned something new.

I discovered that while my bras are the right size, I have been wearing my bra all wrong. You really need to watch the video to see exactly how to wear a bra--I learned that I had my straps adjusted too short and the back of my bra up too high. Being well endowed, this means that I have been causing excess pressure on the top of my shoulders, a landscape full of fibromyalgia tender and trigger points.

I grabbed a bra and put it on The Wizard of Bras way and simply was amazed. Wearing a bra correctly definitely makes a difference. After a few minutes, I could feel that the band of my bra was supporting more of my breasts' weight and the straps weren't digging into my shoulders any more. As with everything new that I try with my fibromyalgia-effected body, my body needs some time to adjust to this new, correct way of wearing a bra.

Amazing what you can learn from watching a little bit of Huell Howser on KCET each day.

PS I found these Bra Strap Cushions a few years ago and they really make bra straps more comfortable when they are sitting on shoulders filled with fibromyalgia tender points. Can't wait to see if the combination of correct bra placement and these cushions add up to less pain.

Wow, did I just make wear a bra more fibro-friendly?!?

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tammy said...

thank you so much for the info I am going to go and get tomorrow