Friday, September 25, 2009

When You Have Cancer: Resources for Coping

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Good news today ... Val's surgery went well and it seems that the tumor turned out to be a calcium deposit encapsulated which means they caught it early and she will not need any follow-up radiation. She is back home and hopefully resting comfortably tonight. The lesson learned: get your mammogram yearly to catch problems early. Early detection is key to winning the fight against cancer.

Today I focus on resources for cancer patients and their loved ones. I compiled a list of national resources for persons living with cancer in the United States which I think serves as a jumping off point for getting started with basic information and referrals to local organizations. I only included organizations that I know and use.

Second, I put together some recommended books and other items from Amazon.com that I think you will find helpful. Some of these books may be available at your local library as well.

As always, I welcome your comments, suggestions and tips: please leave me a comment to share your thoughts.


American Cancer Society (ACS) 
(800) ACS-2345

Check their website for a wealth of information, inlcuding online treatment decision tools, and the location of your local ACS office.  Call to receive information over the phone or written information through the mail.

(800) 813-HOPE

This national nonprofit organization specializes in providing support to people living with cancer, including online and telephone support groups, telephone counseling and over-the-phone or over-the-Internet streaming education workshops.  In addition they provide a variety of publications; of note is A Helping Hand, a comprehensive resource guide for people with cancer.

National Cancer Institute
(800) 4 - CANCER 

In addition to providing a variety of free publications and information via their website and toll-free telephone line, the National Cancer Institute compiles a list of over 8,000 clinical trials currently recruiting patients.  They can answer any question you have about participating in a clinical trial.

Association of Cancer Online Resources

Looking for a cancer community online?  ACOR is THE place to find online support.  Join one of their "mailing lists" to network with other people fighting the same kind of cancer you have.  All contact is done through an Internet list serv which emails participants with responses posted to the group.   

Here are my recommendations for books and other items:

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