Friday, September 18, 2009

Updated: The Best of the Invisible Illness Week 5 Day Virtual Conference #iiwk09


The Invisible Illness Week 5 Day Virtual Conference came to an end today. But don't worry! If you didn't get to tune into BlogTalkRadio live between Monday, September 14th and Friday, September 18th, you can still listen to all the conference seminars when ever you want and when ever it works for you. And you have three ways to access the seminars: at iTunes, at BlogTalkRadio and at the Invisible Illness Week website.

Here are my picks for the best sessions from Invisible Illness Week 2009:

Finding a Heart of Gratitude and Joy Despite Illness with Maureen Pratt

Coping with Chronic Illness in Your Marriage with Bill and Pam Farrel

Super Foods for Super-Natural Health with Joanna Faillace

Understanding How We Uniquely Deal with Difficulties in Life with Georgia Shaffer

It's OK to say NO: Building Healthy Boundaries with Jenni Prokopy

Coping with Crises on Top of Chronic - Chat with Two Gals Who Understand with Lisa Copen and Jenni Saake

Simplifying Your Home and Housework with Marcia Ramsland

Find the Job You Desire and Can Do with Rosalind Joffe

Helping Others Understand Your Pain with Karen Lee Richards

Applying and Winning Disability Assistance When You Are Chronically Ill with Scott Davis, ESQ

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