Thursday, January 6, 2011

Mission 2011: Getting Into My "Sweet Spot"

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So last week I recorded a video blogging entry all about the energy envelope and how it helps prevent me from getting flared up. Funny thing is, in the process I think I uncovered my goal for 2011.

I'm in search of my "sweet spot."

Specifically, I want to live each day and have a little bit of energy left over to fill my empty reserves. Once they get full, I am hoping the extra stored energy transforms into healing power, even if it is only a very small 1/2 to 1% improvement per month.

I know that doesn't seem like a lot, but an increase from my current 30% to 36 - 42% by the end of the year sounds promising.

That said, I don't know with any certainty that this will work. I mean, the concept makes some sense to this fibromyalgia scientist. On paper (or my whiteboard) it looks good. But this still is an experiment and I'm trying this out to see what happens.

So it seems that 2011 will be the year of my grand leap of faith. And the good news is you can follow my progress or take the leap with me as I blog about implementing my actions steps, one each month, on Thursdays.

I've put some thought into my experiment's design and decided that I want to focus on 12 skills I have learned in the past and revisit their purpose, relearn the parts I have forgotten, revise my daily/weekly plan to make sure they are included and overall recommit myself to using them.

Here are the 12 skills I will focus on in 2011, one each month:
  1. Making activities fibro-friendly by modifying how I physically approach tasks
  2. Creating a bedtime routine and getting a good night's sleep
  3. Finding the exercise program this is right for me
  4. Making and sticking to a schedule of rest breaks throughout the day
  5. Fine-tuning my skills in planning, with emphasis on special events
  6. Practicing the 15 minute rule and alternating between different activities
  7. Consistently using my mobility aids to conserve energy during errands
  8. Charting my symptoms and tracking my improvement (or lack thereof)
  9. Reassessing the boundaries of my energy envelope
  10. Daily meditation and relaxation practice using my emWave
  11. Tackling housework and turning my home into my sanctuary
  12. Enjoying my container garden, i.e. my ongoing occupational therapy
I've already started focusing on number one above by observing my body mechanics and positions as I move through my day. I can't wait to fill you in on my discoveries next Thursday.

Until then, check out the links in my list to learn more about these 12 skills and then share which ones you'd like to get better at in 2011. Let's work together to get better at managing the symptoms of our chronic illnesses.

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Felicia Fibro said...

The 12 skills you're focusing on sound great - I can't wait to follow you on your journey to your sweet spot!

Anonymous said...

Sounds really good to me, Selena!


Migrainista said...

Great plan! I look forward to hearing about your progress. May the year ahead be all that you want it to be.

Anonymous said...

Great list, great mission! Good luck with your 12 step program!

Nhmommaof5 said...

I love it! 12 reasonable, obtainable goals. One a month. Honestly I can not wait to hear your report each month. As new diagnosed chronic illness person, your site is the most useful in understanding and accepting my new life. Thank you for being real and willing to share!