Sunday, May 16, 2010

My Plans for a Sensational Summer

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Ah, summertime and the living is easy. I love the summers here in Southern California. I love the sunshine, the extended light into the evening hours and the warmer temperatures. Summer lures me outside of the house, even on my bad days, and into my garden. I also gets me thinking about vacations and walks down by the beach in Oxnard or San Diego.

So as I think ahead to the summer months, I've already started a list of things I want to do during my favorite season:
  1. Try new things in my container garden, like growing tomatoes upside down, planting some different vegetables, like okra and Brussels sprouts, and getting my garden planted earlier in the season.
  2. Work with my dog Brunswick so that he passes the Canine Good Citizen test.
  3. Start working on handmade Christmas gifts in July, like amigurumi dolls and loom knitted hats, gloves and scarves.
  4. Try some new medications with the help of my neurologist and try a new chiropractic treatment for my fibromyalgia.
  5. Get some help to: 1) get the metal frame gazebo I bought a while back at The Home Depot finally erected on my backyard patio; 2) pull the wicker furniture out of the garage and place it onto the patio to create the outdoor room I've been wanting; 3) clean up the BBQ and start grilling up some great summer meals.
  6. Break out the T-Tapp More Rehab Program DVDs I purchased and try out this new approach to exercise.
While all these activities build on things I already do, I think I need to do something new, different and out-of-the ordinary this summer too.

So while I am laying on the grass in the backyard, looking up at the clouds, birds and airplanes passing by, I am going to start dreaming up a new life for myself. Yes, I am going to let go of the past and all the dreams that frustrate me because they never came to fruition. I am going to replace those old dreams with new dreams born of experience, understanding and a renewed sense of possibility. My goal is to shake off the last vestiges of a life that was not meant to be and make deliberate steps away from an existence where I just mark time until somebody heals me.

Yes, I am going to do what I like to refer to as a "Madonna": I am going to reinvent myself ( '80s clothes, hair and accessories optional.) I am going to have a summer of adventure, rediscovery and prospects. From my vantage point, lying on the grass in my backyard, this summer the only way to go will be up! The sky will be my limit, full of promise and possibilities. I will pick myself up and start over.

If I can reinvent myself and come away with new goals, new prospects and a new sense of purpose for my life by the end of September, what a sensational summer this will be.

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1 comment

Anonymous said...

I love this post!! I can picture you laying in the grass staring up at the clouds and making your plans.

You go Madonna. (But don't wear those silly pointed bras ok? They are awful!)