Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I knew that...

Carlin is in my all time top 5 comedians.Image via Wikipedia

Robert read my post from yesterday, Funny Moments with Fibromyalgia. When he was done, I asked him, "Did I get the interpretation of your favorite saying "Then one day I lost the cat.' right?" Apparently I did not!

"It from a George Carlin routine," he replied. "You know, the one about A Place for My Stuff!"

Oh yeah, I knew that and totally forgot. So I did a little research and found both the transcript and a YouTube clip of this routine. In doing so I found that Robert didn't quite get it right either. He misquoted the album featuring this bit: it is actually Playin' with Your Head.

Watching the clip reminded me that I actually saw George Carlin perform in Las Vegas on my girls-only bachelorette weekend before my wedding. I remember listening to his album A Place for My Stuff!" as a teenager and jumped at the opportunity to see him live. Now that was quite a long time ago. To be honest, the clip almost looks like the performance I saw at Bally's Hotel and Casino.

Hmm, maybe I forgot these things because I am getting old!

Anyway, I enjoyed getting reacquainted with George and laughing at his description of trying to find lost things. I admit it totally sounds like me. (Did George suffer from brain fog too?!?) Perhaps it will remind you of yourself too...

Losing Things

Where do these things go when they're lost? There are some things, I
don't even care if I ever get 'em back, I just wanna' know where the f*** they
went! You know what I mean? And let me say, losing things is one of those
those events in life that's even worse when you're a kid. It's even worse,
because people get on you for it. It's double jeopardy, not only is the item
gone, but you're catching sh** from up here!

[Improvised conversation with a mother]

'You what?!?'
'I lost my yo-yo.'
'Well, where did you have it last?'
'HEY...if I knew that, I would still have my yo-yo!'
'Well, it must be somewhere.'
'Well, it just didn't get up and walk away!'

That one always got to me...it just didn't get up and walk away. One
time, I lost the cat...it just got up, and walked away! And she actually
started to say, 'Well, it just didn't get up and...cough, ahem, ahem, um, um.'
'Hey ma, I think you figured this one out.'

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