Thursday, May 6, 2010

Check Me Out: Two Blog Carnivals in One Week

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Writing on a theme suggested by someone else can be a blessing or a curse: blessing if the theme inspires you and curse if it stymies you! Writing two themed posts in three days for two different blog carnivals---well that is exhausting! But I did it and now I get to take a break today while I promote one awesome ChronicBabe and the two wonderful blog carnivals she hosted this week. She saw fit to publish my posts on Learning to Live with Pain and What's your most laugh-out-loud illness-related experience?

Now, because it was a busy week for Jenni at ChronicBabe too, these blog carnivals are short, sweet and to the point. First up is the
ChronicBabe Blog Carnival #3: Learning to Live with Pain that includes this post:

At Oh My Aches and Pains, Selena offers us a Chronic Pain Toolkit.

The next ChronicBabe blog carnival is on May 18th and the theme is Parenting with Chronic Illness. If you want to participate, send your name, the name of your blog, the name of your post, and a 1-2 sentence description of the post to chronicbabe@gmail.com. The deadline is Sunday, May 16, at 10pm CST.

And guess what? I may not have kids, but I am a parent of a different sort thanks to chronic illness. Rest assured I will be writing a post on this theme very soon.

I am also featured in the Patients for a Moment blog carnival hosted by Jenni this week as well. Patients for a Moment: What's your most laugh-out-loud illness-related experience? includes this recent post:

Selena at Oh My Aches and Pains! says, "Yes, there are laugh-out-loud moments in my life with fibromyalgia. Granted, many of those moments take on the flavor of a Three Stooges episode. While living with fibromyalgia isn't inherently funny, I think life really isn't worth living if you can't laugh at your situation or yourself every once in a while."

The next edition of Patients for a Moment will be hosted by Lisa Copen at Rest Ministries. Be sure to submit your post by the end of the day Sunday May 17th to be considered for inclusion when the next edition is published on May 19th.

So get out there (virtually) and discover some new bloggers with interesting and funny things to say!

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