Sunday, June 28, 2009

My Personal Heroes: I Am a Hero Too

I'm not a superhero with incredible strength or a super power. You won't find me running into a burning building to save a child or pet left behind. I can't combat the forces of nature or man.

But I can still be a hero...

Consider for a moment expanding the definition of what a hero is beyond dramatic acts requiring physical strength and extreme risk-taking. Let's suppo
se a hero can also be someone who demonstrates self-sacrifice to help others, takes a risk of any size or engaging in actions and activities to advance to common good. With this new, expanded, inclusive definition, even I can be a hero:
  1. I sacrificed to take care of my Dad with Alzheimer's after the death of my mother in 1999.
  2. I adopted 4 cats and 2 dogs from city animals shelters, the LA SPCA and a animal rescue group.
  3. I have donated my time in the past, and on a yearly basis, I donate money and goods to various charities.
  4. I've helped the environment by swapped out all the light bulbs in my house with compact fluorescent bulbs, reducing my outdoor water usage and make the effort to sure more of my trash winds up in the blue recycling bin. I also make the effort to take my electronic and medical waste to my local hazardous waste collection program.
  5. I recycling my glass bottles, aluminum cans and plastics and use a home water distiller to decrease my purchase of bottled water.
  6. When I was working from 1992 to 2004, I chose a career in social work so I could give back by helping those in need living in my community.
  7. I always express words of encouragement to people I meet who are newly diagnosed with the illnesses I live with and offer to spend time sharing what works for me with them.
If we chose to expand the definition of hero, we may find that we all can be heroes. I encourage you to contemplate the ways in which you are a hero to your family, friends, community and the world you live in.

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