Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Heroes: HealEmru.com, Bone Marrow Donor Advocates

The health care heroes continue on for one more day. It seems my tweets on Twitter about my blog posts have attracted some attention! I want to let you know about the website HealEmru. Glenn Grant, the artist who created the flyer featured at the end my post, My Heroes: Bone Marrow Donors, is part of the HealEmru website. He read my tweet about my bone marrow donors blog post, contacted me on Twitter and sent me this message: Imagine my surprise when I read your empassioned blog post and seeing a poster I designed at the end. Thank you so much. <3

Emru Townsend was a bone marrow transplant recipient and fellow leukemia patient like me. Unfortunately, after an 11 month fight, he died peacefully on November 11, 2008. Before his death, he focused on getting the word out about the need for bone marrow donors of color: person of African, Asian, Pacific Islander, Indian, Native American/First Nations and mixed heritage. His friends and family continue the website in his memory and work to get the word out about registering to become a bone marrow donor.

Please check out the website, www.healemru.com, for more information. This website is also on Twitter as @healemru.

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