Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Reader Asks: What medication do you find works for you?

Various pillsImage via WikipediaA reader asks:

what medication do you find works for you? i hav bn to see my rumotologist today, last time i saw her was 2004! i was told that they now think that fibro sufferes may be missing vitamin d, so i hav had a blood tst to find out, il let you know when i do

Dear Reader:

Unfortunately, I have not found any of the medications currently use for fibromyalgia helpful. Most gave me too many side-effects and needed to be discontinued. Finding something to help may mean a lot of trial-and-error on your and your doctor's part. It can be a frustrating and time/money-consuming process...

For flare-ups (i.e. short-term use), I have found prescription non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) helped. Long term, these medications were too hard on my stomach to be helpful.

Prescription Lidoderm patches and prescription topical NSAID gels/patches have also helped me. The problem with these is that they can only be applied to 1-2 places on your body at a time.

Here is some information on the prescription mediations currently being used for fibromyalgia: http://bit.ly/9MGrMs.

I tested Vitamin D deficient several years ago and take o 1,000 IU of ver-the-counter Vitamin D a day. Raising my vitamin D levels did not improve my fibromyalgia symptoms.

Thank you for your question! I hope that information helps. Feel free to ask another question any time. :-)

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Anonymous said...

It is truly hard to sit and look upon all these beautiful people who hurt every day. It's one thing for me to hurt but quite another when I see others hurting. We've all been down the "pulling at straws" road haven't we? I feel for those new to thier illness. Tammy

Unknown said...

Love your blog. I've been reading your blog for a while, but just had to reply to this article...I'm pretty shy with blogs and commenting. I never felt I had any talent to do a blog. Anyway, I have fibro...and just fibro...not the longer list of items you endure. You talk about the prescription meds. I tried them all, but finally gave up as my body just couldn't take them anymore. So, went on a quest for natural based remedies. I've tried lots, but most recently a fibro friend told me about something new she has success with and I got on it too. Wow, what a big improvement. They seem to 'build up' my system, rather than just mask the pain. I sleep better too. Just thought I would share...you know how it is, when something works, ya want to share. Its called Fibromyalgia Natural Relief at andfibromyalgia.com. The doc on the site was very helpful in answering questions for me. Anyway, like I said, just wanted to share something that worked...as opposed to many others I've tried that didn't.

Kindest regards,