Monday, August 16, 2010

Just Questions: Things I Don't Understand

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Welcome to another edition of just questions. Sometimes I find it's the questions that I am pondering that provide the greatest insight into where I am currently. So I guess creating this post is metaphorically akin to opening up my brain and checking out what is rattling around inside.

So here are the questions I am currently pondering:

  1. Why do my dogs always want to lick my feet?
  2. Why don't people spay and neuter their pets?
  3. How come having problems swallowing has to be one of my symptoms of fibromyalgia?
  4. How come when I have coughing spells after said swallowing problems, a nerve shock wave travels down my arms, into my hands and causes increased pain, numbness and tingling for several hours afterward?
  5. Why is it so bad to use a benzodiazepine every night to help one fall asleep?
  6. How come my doctors aren't prescribing the same medications that my friends with chronic illnesses are getting?
  7. How come I am still wanting a prescription to be the answer to my chronic illness problems?
  8. Why isn't the Hepatitis C cause getting the funding, support and attention it deserves for things like public education, testing and treatment?
  9. Why doesn't the American public know that more people have Hepatitis C than HIV infection?
  10. Why isn't there a bigger push to get antiviral Hepatitis C drugs out of clinical trials and into the pharmacy faster?

What are some of the questions you find yourself asking lately? Why not share one or more here by leaving a comment?

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Rairy said...

Questions of the morning:

1) Who swapped my cream of wheat for molten lava?

2) Why after all this time am I still surprised when I'm exhausted or hurt?

Migrainista said...

Why can't anyone seem to be able to fix me so I can get back to my life?

What is really going on inside me?

Will I ever be able to just be normal again?

Anonymous said...

Why is it the one thing i'm suppose to avoid is the one thing I have spades.... stress?

Are my dogs telling me again I need another surgery on the horizon...?

Will the economy ever straighten itself out?

Why can't I just have one or two things wrong instead of 8?

Why do others hurt so much and get little attention from their doctors?

Why isn't fruit free, I mean really, I love the stuff?!!!


Selena said...

Thanks ladies for your questions.

I see a theme here of wondering why we all have to be sick and wondering when will we ever get better. Believe me, I wish I had the answer!

Until then, let's hold each others hands and support one another through our illness ordeals.

Pepper said...

Why am I the only one the dog asks for food, water and out?

Why can't I have the energy of my 3yo?

LOL great post idea. Though the fact your dog likes to lick your feet is interesting.

Diane J Standiford said...

Wow, great questions. Where is that 8 ball when we need it?(Wait, that's not my question.)

Why did I have to take geometry?

Why can't a program that maps all our genes, map some cures?

Why doesn't Bill gates give his extra millions to find a cure CURE for AIDS here in the USA and THEN send it around the world?

CAN enough money really buy cures?
I'll stop, my ?s are endless.