Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Please Show Amanda Some Love Today--She Is Getting a New Liver!

Amanda Goodwin
I saw a tweet from my blogging friend Amanda Goodwin last night. She finally got the call. A liver donor has been found for her! She is receiving her new liver today.

You can read her announcement on her blog.

I am asking everyone to visit her blog and flood her with lots of comment love today. Then please keep her in your thoughts and prayers as she and her family go through this journey together.

The surgery is just the start of her recovery process...

I visited her blog a few days ago and read the most wonderful post that she wrote about the gift of an angel figurine she received named Courage. That story really touched my heart and I think it will touch your heart too.

I really believe that her angel has come through for her today.

So you have your assignment for today: show Amanda some love through a comment on her blog, a prayer or the gift of a healing thought.

Then say a pray of thanks to her donor and their family. It is tragic and sad that this family lost their loved one, but let them be consoled in the knowledge that, in death, their loved one saved two lives (read Amanda's post for the details).

Finally, if you are able, please consider becoming an organ donor yourself. You can learn more at Donate Life America.

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1 comment

Beth Zimmerman said...

Beautiful post! Will be praying for Amanda's quick and complete recovery!