Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Spender Becomes a Saver

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I should start by saying I am writing this post amidst a pretty big headache. Common sense says I should just come back and do it later, except I am stubborn and want to make sure I keep up with my blogging schedule. Plus Tuesday doesn't really have any "later" time in it since I am going to see the doctor today...

Why do I have a headache?

Seems I spent too much of my energy Sunday. Sure, I got several things done, but I have clearly been paying the price for this Monday. For starters, I woke up really tired. Then I got really frustrated at Robert and would have cussed him out if he hadn't been at bowling last night. Dinner was late because I dropped the marinade for the roast chicken and it splattered all over my clothes, shoes and the floor. Now I have a BIG headache...

So in the end, doing too much on Sunday was not a wise expenditure.

Seems that my energy isn't the only thing I have been saving lately either.

Before I became disabled and unable to work, I had a career and a job. My husband and I were DINKs: dual income, no kids. When it came to making purchases, we never really gave anything a second thought because we were comfortable financially.

That all changed in October 2004. To add insult to injury, all the disability benefits I was supposed to be entitled to through my employer seemed to vanish into thin air. Sure, I get Social Security Disability, but that wasn't supposed to be my sole source of disability income.

That meant that we had to make some big changes in our spending habits.

It hasn't been an easy transition, but it is one that definitely parallels the adjustments I've made to accommodate my physical condition. Yes, it seems that chronic illness has changed me from a spender into a saver. Just one more example of another skill I get to practice courtesy of my current condition.

I have a feeling I'm not the only ChronicBabe that has had to learn to save instead of spend ... which is your cue to share your story with me.

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Pink Doberman said...

Selena, You are not alone! My journey on this odyssey began in August of 2004, similarly two incomes no kids... I now shop for $1 clothing at thrift stores when I can manage to shop and we try to manage our money as close to the vest as possible. We have no choices... medical bills cost a lot as well as everything from our life before that we are currently stuck with at the moment.

Holding on by a thread! Saving where we can! But I do feel a great sense of accomplishment. As this journey is not easy.

Kathy said...

Oh good gravy, yes. We're getting by, but I really thought by moving down here with the warmer weather I'd feel so much better that I could at least work part time. Ha! I am better, just not consistently better. And usually employers want employees to show up consistently, ya think?

And then there is finding a job in this economy. Oh my...

So...we find ways to do things cheaper, just like the rest of the nation. And we're seriously considering moving back up to Washington. Much cheaper up there (especially on the east side)and no state tax. It surprised me how large of a chunk CA state tax takes out of our income. Who knew?