Thursday, April 29, 2010

Another Edition of Random Thoughts

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"You gotta laugh, because if you didn't you'd cry."
~Craig Ferguson

I ordered dog clippers on Amazon.com so I can attempt to give my poodle a hair cut on my own. I am trying this in an effort to save money on grooming bills, which amount to $60 for both dogs every 4 to 6 weeks.

Excited when the package finally arrived, I opened it only to find that they had sent cattle clippers instead of the small animal clippers I ordered.

You know what would have been funnier? If they had sent sheep clippers instead...

Didn't Know THAT Could Happen

Last weekend, just before bed, I went to the bathroom and noticed that my deposit into the lavatory had a slight pink tinge to it. Did I have blood in my urine? was my first thought. Immediately I got worried. Of course, this happened on a Saturday, so if I decided I needed medical attention, I would have to go to the Emergency Room. Making my way back to the bedroom, I debated whether to mention anything to Robert or just wait and see if the same thing happened when I got up the next day.

But with the anxiety eating at me, I decided to tell Robert.

"Uh, didn't you eat beets for dinner?" he asked.

"Yes I did," I replied.

One of my favorite items from the CSA biweekly produce box has been the fresh beets, which I peel, slice and steam in the microwave for 5 to 6 minutes. I made a batch earlier in the day, totaling about 2 to 3 beets, which I ate at both lunch and dinner. Let me tell you, they were delicious.

"Well that is why your pee is pink," he explained.

I didn't believe him. I had never eaten beets before and had them change the color of my elimination. With the computer already put away for the night, I grabbed my smartphone and Googled it. Sure enough, eating beets can make both your urine and feces change color.

You should have seen the electric purple color of the toilet bowl water the next morning...

Free Range

When we leave the house, we secure our dogs in the hallway to keep them out of trouble. The only room that doesn't have a door is the living room, so we secure that entrance into the hallway from that direction with a baby gate. Our cat Ra has learned how to jump the baby gate when it is closed, which is O.K. with us. Our cat Bastet can jump the gate too, but since she isn't a big fan of the dogs, she is content to stay on the dog-free side of the gate.

A few weeks ago, we returned from a grocery store run and, of course, were greeted with the sound of barking when we entered the house. We proceeded to empty the car and put the groceries away in the kitchen. Robert noticed that there was an absence of dog noses poking out from under the kitchen door leading into the hallway.

We entered the hallway and discovered that the dogs were in fact in the living room.

We can only surmise that in our absence, the cat jumped the gate and somehow opened it in the process. The dogs took advantage of the open gate and made a break for the living room. The gate shut behind them (which it is supposed to do) and their they were trapped. Being dogs, they made the best of it by eating all the cats' food and foraging for snacks in their litter boxes.

Needless to say, Bastet was not happy.

Ra now gets locked in the bedroom when we leave to foil any future dog jail break plans.

Isn't life with the Inouyes fun?

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Anonymous said...

Cattle clippers? I had no idea that cattle got groomed or clipped, learn something new everyday. I remember Oprah talking about getting all freaked out because she had pink pee, and then she realized she had eaten lots of beets from her garden...too funny!

Your dogs sound like they had a good time while you were shopping. My dog did the same thing Monday....The cat told me all about her empty bowl and her disturbed letter box. She is very finicky about her cat box!

You make me laugh Selena!

Selena said...

Yeah, I had not idea that cattle got clipped either. It's some glitch in Amazon's inventory that keeps sending me cattle clippers instead of dog clippers.

I must have eaten some really fresh beets to get the pink pee. LOL!

I didn't know you have a cat and dog too. We keep finding more and more things in common, you and I. ;-)