Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Cool Diabetes Cases in My Backpack #NHBPM

As a type 2 diabetic that was recently switched to insulin to control her blood sugars, I've needed to add some new items to my backpack-style purse when I leave the house.

My New Highly Visible Glucometer Case

Being on insulin means checking my blood sugar more frequently, up to 7 times a day.  Plus there are times when I don't "feel right" and need to check and see if my blood sugar is too high or too low.

Unfortunately, many stock cases that come with meters are black, which also happens to be the same color as the lining of my Seatbelt bag backpack.  Inevitably I have to take half the contents of my backpack out to find my glucometer, which doesn't really work for me.

Here is my solution to this annoying problem:

This is my groovy Sugar Medical Supply 
"Sugar Bag" glucometer case in Pink Punch.

The unique feature of this case is that it can 
accommodate 99% of the glucometers on 
the market today.  
(I use the Bayer Contour USB meter.)
And its bright colors make it easy to find 

in my backpack.

Guess what?  You can get your own sugar bag at 40% off the retail price from November 4 to 9th during Sugar Medical Supply's Holiday Sale.  Use the code 40SALE to save now!

My New Color-Coordinated Insulin Cases

This is a DiaSecure insulin case.
I purchased two of these, one in green for my 

Levemir long acting insulin and one in 
orange for my Novolog short acting insulin.  

At this end are 2 tubes that hold 6 pen 
needles each.  I use one tube for new 
needles and one to hold used needles. 
Brain fog strategy:
Hanging on to my used needles each day 
helps me remember how many Novolog 
shots I have given myself!

At the other end is a pill case, where I keep 
my metformin, other medications 
and supplements that I take with meals.

NOTE:  DiaSecure currently doesn't have a distributor in the United States, but I was able to purchase mine through Artic Medical in the United Kingdom. I used PayPal to check out and the shipping was fast and affordable.  Despite the extra hoops I jumped through to get these insulin cases, I'm so glad I bought them and incredibly happy with my purchase.

11/8/2012:  I have an update for you!  I just found out on the DiaSecure Facebook page that there is now a U.S. supplier for DiaSecure cases:  
To our US customers - you can now buy DiaSecure through a US-based supplier, Apothecary Products (http://www.apothecaryproducts.com/) - place your order via phone, using a credit card, at 1-888-770-8767.

What can I say?  My life with diabetes is much easier with these two specialty cases in my backpack!

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