Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Question of the Week:
Are You in the Inside Out Club?

2K 2P Inside Out SocksImage by PrincessFroglips via FlickrI've done some pretty crazy things when I'd been extremely fatigued or in a heck of a lot of pain. One of those quirky things I do is put my clothes on inside out. Of course I don't notice when I make this faux pas; it's my husband who catches my mistake and asked me, "Oh, are you feeling okay?"

Lucky for me, I have a good sense of humor so his question always makes me laugh a little at myself.

Well after my carpal tunnel surgery last Wednesday I think I topped myself.

I made my discovery on a trip to the restroom. After quite a struggle getting my pants down with just one hand, I assumed the position. It was then that I glanced down at my underwear and realize that I had put them on inside out. It it seems that I was so nervous the morning of my surgery that I wasn't paying attention when I got dressed before heading to the hospital.

The chuckle my discovery inspired was a welcome respite from the stressful and painful events of the day.

Sometimes you just have to laugh at how ridiculous things can get when you're dealing with chronic illness. I often think my experiences are so far out of the norm that only a fellow person living with chronic illness could understand what I'm going through. It's amazing how many times I employed the "fake it to make it" principle each and every day. Chronic illnesses leave me in a place where I am struggling to fit into a life that most normal people take for granted. I often feel like an alien from another planet -- an alien that looks like everyone else around her.

This week I'm wondering if you feel the same way I do. Maybe you don't put your clothes on inside out, but I bet there are quirky things you do too when you are struggling with more pain or fatigue. I'm also guessing you can relate to feeling like someone who doesn't fit in amidst all the healthy, normal people in your life. So leave me a comment and let me know if you're a member of my Inside Out Club.

Oh, and don't forget to head over to the Oh My Aches and Pains! Facebook page to join the conversation. I am so excited that over 300 people now 'like' my blog's page there. Did you know that these small, little things in my life that bring me joy and inspiration, which motivate me to keep writing? Thank you so much for that.

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Happy said...

Sometimes I wear my clothes inside out on purpose, because then the seams don't rub against me and cause pain.

Chelle said...

Okay, not sure exactly what the previous comment meant...

Believe it or not, I HAVE put my underwear on inside out, only to discover it much later in the day and wonder what paramedics would think if I had to dial 911. I also use my heating pad extensively (like ALL day) in the winter, as well as using an Icy Hot roller every single night before bed for the back and hip pain.

I get up when I am in pain and sneak downstairs to write in my journal to the flickering light of the television which I mute. I also have been known to stretch in very strange ways in front of my husband, trying to work out the knots in my back and legs.

The weirdest thing I do may be using my cat as a heating pad. He weighs in at over 20 pounds and when my abdomen is hurting, I will pick him up and put him on my stomach. He will lie there and purr - he's a great therapy cat.

I'm looking forward to hearing what other people do.


Tami Stackelhouse said...

One of my little quirks is that I will sneeze if it's time to eat. It's one of my body's little ways of saying, "hey there, I know you're ignoring me, but FEED ME!" >achoo<

deb aka murphthesurf said...

I would misplace my head if it were not affixed to my neck. I have put fully cooked dinners in the refrigerator instead of on the table to eat. I have put the cream in the cabinet instead of back in the frig when making my coffee. And yes, I also have worn clothes inside out at times. And I have two fur babies that love to try and help my joint pain by acting as purring hot water bottles.

Felicia Fibro said...

I've so had this same experience! Going to the bathroom to realize I was out of it when getting dressed and somehow put my undies on inside out! haha

Shannon said...

I can't say I've worn clothes inside out beyond my 20s where it related to too much drink lol.

But I do wear ear plugs 24/7. I nod at cashiers or people who talk too softly to me, but I can hear anyone who talks in a normal voice just fine. No one ever notices the ear plugs until I pull them or point them out.

Interestingly, my aunt also has FM and she's put cotton in her ears for as long as I can remember.

Alison said...

Hi I knew I was in trouble, managing my newly diagnosed ME/CFS, when a colleague spotted I had my blouse on inside out.
I laughed nervously joking about getting dressed in the dark(in the middle of summer) excused myself to change it. Closer expectation though left me mortified I had bought it a roomy two sizes bigger than I needed to stop it irritating me(nice and loose) but the UK size 20 label was enormous and everyone must have seen it in plain sight on my back. Who cares about loosing your senses when everyone thinks your two sizes bigger than you are.
Alison http://cupofteaandachat.blogspot.com/