Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wordless Wednesday:
My Carpal Tunnel Surgery Photolog

My right hand after surgery

A healthy nerve is light yellow.
My median nerve was described by my hand surgeon as being eggplant color.

See the fake bake orange color on my right hand?
That's from the pre-op skin cleaner.

Three days of antibiotics.

I couldn't get a child-proof cap opened with one hand,
so some of my pills got put temporarily into small Gladware containers.

This is my hand exercise, 4 times a day for 5 to 10 minutes.

I had BIG pain in my index finger the day after surgery.
Fortunately now it is gone.

The post-surgical bandage came off Sunday.
Can you see the blurred writing on my arm?
It said YES and had an arrow pointing to my right wrist.
There also seems to be a blue line near my incision site.
The stitches come out on 9/16.

For now I cover the stitches up with a gauze pad and Coban self-adherent wrap.

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Anonymous said...

Yikes and ouch!! I sure hope this surgery works for you. Your film looks like you are practicing a good fist to punch somebody in the nose!

Good said...

A picture tells a thousand words! You are giving me courage to have the op as it does not look as bad as I thought. Please call back into Fibro Bloggers Directory and grab a badge. We would love you to be featured.

Unknown said...

@Mo I laughed when I read your comment because there are a couple of people I'd love to punch in the nose right now. LOL!

@Good My surgeon specialized in minimally invasive carpal tunnel surgery, which means a smaller incision. It requires less down time and apparently no cast or splint afterwards.

Shannon said...

hope it all goes well for you Selena! I broke my right pinky finger and now have a plastic knuckle. Didn't do all my exercises and needless to say my finger doesn't straighten or bend.

I completely understand about pain in the hand area though! There are a LOT of nerves in the hands. Take care of you *hugs*